August 14, 2017


Digital Media Lab – 1100 sq. ft.

The Digital Media Lab is a large computer lab with the newest iMacs running the latest creative software from Apple, Adobe, Propellerhead and more. The room is outfitted with standing height tables which allow the students to sit in comfortable stools or stand — ideally, alternating between the two as their energy allows.

Each work station has a 49-key Novation MIDI keyboard and AKG headphones so students can work independently on audio/video projects. However, the walls are wrapped in white board surfaces to facilitate group projects and collaborative brainstorming.

Studio One/Control Room – 1000 sq. ft.

The main tracking room, Studio One, provides nearly 600 sq. ft. of acoustically isolated recording space, with an additional two isolation booths providing nearly 200 sq. ft. of additional recording space. Wenger chairs and Manhasset stands are available for larger musical ensembles (up to 24 musicians). The space is home to a growing collection of microphones from Blue, EV, Shure and others — including dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones to ensure students have the chance to work with many microphone scenarios.

The Control Room uses an iMac connected to a Presonus Studio Live Series III mixer/control surface. Students learn audio production techniques using Logic Pro X. Additionally, students gain experience on various DAWs and learn to quickly adapt their skillset across many platforms to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape of audio/video equipment.

Voice Over/Vocal Booths (Mosier & White) – 104 sq. ft.

Near the Digital Media Lab are two vocal booths (practice rooms) designed for voice overs, vocals, single instrumentalists, etc… The rooms are named after the founding instructor of the Digital Media Technology program, Kirt Mosier, and Summit Technology Academy’s first principal and current school board president, Bob White.

Both rooms are divided by an angled wall with double pane windows. Should students want to operate independently, the window shades ensure they won’t distract one another, but if a student wants to engineer a recording of another musician in the adjacent space the rooms are designed to accommodate that as well. In fact, nearly every recording space in the Digital Media Studios space is connected by an acoustically isolated pass through box so each room can be connected to the next.

Video Production (Studio A and B) – 750 sq. ft.

The Digital Media Technology video production space includes two separate rooms divided by an operable wall, allowing multiple group projects to take place at the same time. Studio B‘s key feature is a green screen cyc wall allowing students the opportunity to shoot full-body green screen shots for their creative projects.

Studios A and Studio B also provide an ideal learning environment for live sound production techniques, as the space can be adapted to mimic a small venue with the addition of a stage. Of course, The Missouri Innovation Campus is designed to invite students to take their “classroom” into shared spaces, so don’t be surprised if you hear the sounds of live music coming from the main hallway near the stairs.

Storage/Amp & Power Rooms

Throughout the Digital Media Technology space at Summit Technology Academy there is ample storage closets and adjacent rooms for keeping equipment organized and secured.

Mics, Instruments and Gear

The following is a partial list of available equipment at Summit Technology Academy.

Studio One
PreSonus 32 Ch. Digital Rackmount Mixer
2 Blue Spark Condenser Microphones
Rode NT4 Stereo Condenser Microphone
2 sE Electronics X1 R Ribbon Microphones
2 Blue Bluebird SL Condenser Microphones
3 Electro-Voice Dynamic Broadcast Mic
Pearl Drum Kit
Rode NT5 – Matched Pair
2 Rode NT1A Condenser Microphone
Shure PGA Drum mic kit
Shure SM57 Microphones
Shure SM58 Microphones
3 ClearSonic SORBER S5 66inx48in
Hear Technologies Hear Back Four Pack
3 sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X
Sennheiser Closed Studio Headphones

Roland 180W 15in 4-Ch Keyboard Amp
Roland RD-2000 88-key Expandable Digital Stage Piano
Fender 1x12in 100W Bass Combo Amp
Fender Champion 100W 2×12 Combo Amp
Ibanez AS53 Artcore Guitar
Ibanez GIO 4-Str Bass

Control Room
PreSonus 32 Ch. Digital Mixer
2 KRK 10in 3-way Active Monitors
Alesis Microverb
Lexicon 2-Ch Multi-Effects/USB Plug-In

Canon EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera
Canon XC10
Canon XA35
6 Ableton Push MIDI Controllers
AKG Semi-Open Monitor Headphones
Audio Technica ATW-R1700 Receiver
Audio Technica ATW-T1001 Body Pack
Pro Co 50′ 16×4 SMA Series Snake
Behringer X Air X18 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer
DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone
GoPro HERO 3+
Focusrite Scarlet 18i20
2 PreSonus 8in Active Monitors
Novation Impulse 61-key MIDI keyboard
Novation Launchkey 49-key MIDI keyboard