Austin Lyon


STA Digital Media Class of 2008

Attended: Lees Summit West

After High School: I went to college at the University of Central Missouri.

Currently: I am currently an actor living in Los Angeles California. I do indeed use quite a few of the skills I learned at Summit Tech on a weekly, if not daily basis. I just edited an audition tape this evening, for a movie that films in New York on my computer, using a lot of the same video editing skills I learned from Mr. Harrel.

Current City: Los Angeles CA. Hollywood, to be exact.

Stay in touch: You can call, email, facebook, Facetime, gchat, instagram message, tweet at me, whatever you want- anytime. All of my social media names are @austinblyon.

Thoughts: I remember filling out an application for Summit Tech, noting that I was very interested in the music editing/producing side of things, with little emphasis on the video editing/producing side, and came out of with a wealthy knowledge of audio AND video editing/producing skills, that I still use in my life, to this day as a professional actor in Hollywood. Thank you Summit Tech and thank you, Shawn Harrel.